Asthma Attacks And Kills

by Kalina Russell

It wasn't her time

It wasn't her time

Lucy was a very kind girl. She was sweet, smart, had many friends, and asthma. One day, her best friend, Prudence, decided to throw a slumber party inviting almost half of the girls in their class. It was a great party, there were games, prizes, and the cake was chocolate, Lucy's favorite!

When it was time to go to sleep, everyone set up their sleeping bags on the floor of the living room. Prudence's mother didn't care if they stayed up late telling stories or talking, as long as it was quiet and legal. So the gang made a circle and stayed up way past their bedtimes telling horror stories. Lucy didn't scare easily and she fell asleep easily after the chatter had begun to die down.

At about 3 o'clock Lucy woke up to the sound of tapping. All the curtains were drawn so she couldn't see what had been making the noise. It wasn't until she began to have a hard time breathing that she realized she had forgotten to take her inhaler before bed. Blindly, she searched her bag for it but found that she had most likely left it at home. She was about to turn on the light and ask if she could go home to get her inhaler. She decided against it not wanting to ruin the party. So quietly she made her way back home.

After taking her inhaler she finally realized how tired she was and decided to just stay home and go back to Prudence's house in the morning. She awoke to the sound of sirens and they seemed extremely close. She ran over to her friend's house hoping that maybe the gang could go out and investigate. She soon found that the sirens were coming from prudence's house!

She ran in and found all her friends brutally slaughtered. She looked around the room and noticed some writing on the wall. She took a closer look and realized it was written in blood. The message read..."Lucy, thank you for not turning on the light."...

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