Aren't you glad you didn't?

by Rebecca
(New York)

There were two college roommates, Sarah and Emily that were studying in the library at their college. It was getting late but they were cramming for an exam the next day.

It was well into the night nearing 1am when Sarah decided she had had enough and wanted to go back to their room and get some sleep. Sarah was scared to walk in the dark by herself but Emily was not ready to stop studying.

Emily reassured Sarah saying that she could keep her cellphone in hand and call if there were any problems. Tentatively, Sarah said goodnight and went back to her dorm to get some rest. Emily continued studying and never received a call from Sarah and assumed that she had made it back to the dorm with no problems.

Around 2am, Emily decided to head back to the dorm to get some rest as well.

As she walked to her dorm, Emily had an uneasy feeling and flinched at the slightest rustle of leaves and quietest shifts of the grass. She continually glanced over her shoulder and her heart began racing. She now realized the fear that Sarah had felt earlier. When she got close to her building she began running, longing for the safety and security it would bring.

When she finally got inside she felt a sense of relief and stopped a moment to let her heart rate fall to normal, and allow her chest to change to a slower, more even pattern of rise and fall.

When she reached her room she opened the door quietly knowing that Sarah must already be asleep. All the lights were off so she felt her way around the room quietly in the dark, so as not to wake Sarah. She fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning Emily woke to the blaring sound of Sarah's alarm clock. She laid still a few moments waiting for Sarah to turn off the alarm. After a minute or two passed, Emily rolled out of bed to see why Sarah was not turning off the alarm. The back of Sarah's head faced toward Emily and it seemed that the alarm clock was just not loud enough to wake Sarah. As Emily walked around the bed to turn off the alarm, she saw it.

Sarah was laying in bed, many cuts and bruises covering her body and Sarah was covered in her own blood. It was clear Sarah was dead and Emily began screaming uncontrollably. As she turned to run from the room, she saw a message written on the wall in Sarah's blood. "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE LIGHTS?"

This was when Emily realized that the person who had done this to Sarah was in the room when Emily got home, and Emily would have faced the same fate had the murder been seen if she turned on the lights. So next time think twice when you enter a dark room. You may not be the only one there.

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