Anna's Revenge

by Grace

There once was a boy and a girl. Their names were Tim and Anna and they were also brother and sister. Their parents wanted to buy them presents to see which of them was the best parent. Anna's favourite thing was a beautiful rose. Tim's favourite thing was a guitar. The father bought a guitar for Tim and the mum bought a beautiful rose for Anna.

One day after the parents gave the presents, Tim and Anna were in the living room. Tim said "Can I smell your rose?". But Anna said no. Tim got angry and pushed Anna to the window where the pitchforks were. The pitchforks went through Anna's body and then she died. Tim wrapped Anna's body with a big plastic bag then threw her into the piano.

Anna and Tim's parents were looking for Anna everywhere. The parents played the piano for Anna but when the dad pressed the first key, the piano said "DAD I LOVE YOU BUT BROTHER KILLED ME". It sounded like Anna. Tim was afraid that the parents would punish him. The mum pressed another key but the piano said "MUM I LOVE YOU BUT BROTHER KILLED ME". Tim pressed a key but the piano said "BROTHER YOU KILLED ME".

The piano turned green then blue then dark red. Tim was terrified. He got sent to his bedroom without dinner. Later that night, Tim woke up from a bad dream that Anna was going to kill him. Anna's ghost appeared in the darkness of the room. She said "YOU SHALL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR ME!!!". Anna disappeared. Tim started to choke then got thrown onto the floor in mid air.

The next morning the parents found Tim lying on the floor. He didn't wake up then they realised he was dead.....

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