Angel, my brother

by Mallorie (Maya) Maldonado
(Kennesaw, Georgia, USA)

When I was 11 years old my mom got pregnant and was going to have a little boy. We weren't sure what we were going to name him. My mom was in her fifth month of pregnancy when she started to have aches in her belly. My dad dropped me and my 3 year old brother at my cousin Cinthya's apartment, so it was just my mom and dad that went to the hospital.

My cousin had a job and I was too young to take care of my little brother and myself, so we slept over at my aunt's house for three days with no knowledge of what had happened to my parents. The day we went home my mom asked me, "Mallorie, do you remember your little cousin Leslie?, I simply replied "yes", she died of lung cancer when she was two years old. "well," my mom continued, "your little brother is now in a better place with Leslie."

I couldn't believe that my little brother to be was dead even before he was born. My parents later told me that they had decided to name him Angel. I thought it was a beautiful name for him. Three years have passed since he died and I am turning 13 soon. Last year on Angel's birthday we visited his grave that was next to Leslie and my aunt Elena that also died of cancer. We had breakfast there and sang him the birthday song. As we sang I could have sworn that I heard a little baby's laughter and clapping. I knew it wasn't Jonathan, my little brother, because he was asleep in the car. I think that I was the only that heard it.

When we were about to leave I was the last one to get in the truck. When I turned around I saw the image of Angel, my brother, sitting on his grave. At that same instant, my dad rolled down the window and told me to get in the truck.

I have never told any one what I saw that time for the fear of being thought crazy but I know that it was a wonderful gift because I never got to see Angel. I will always be grateful for that very short instant with Angel.

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