An Unfortunate Ending

by Narrator Joe

There was once a pig named Walter. He loved to skip among the flowers and lay out under the stars. One day he paid his friend Paul a visit. Paul was a small bird that lived in a nearby tree.

Walter asked Paul what was new. Paul said, "Haven't you heard? Your mother has been found! She went missing all those years ago and she turned up on a deserted island. You must go to visit her at the hospital." So Walter ran away from the tree towards the hospital.

He thought back on how much he loved his mother and how much he had missed her when she went missing. He began to cry because he missed her so much and was so eager to see her. He was running so fast and was so blinded by his tears that he ran straight out into the middle of the highway and was instantly killed by a truck that was going to fast to stop.

His mother was looking out the window of her hospital room at the time and had seen the entire incident. At that moment she tied her bed sheet around her neck and tied it to a beam in her room and hung herself because she couldn't face life without her son.

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