An Interesting Day

by Gabriella Almaguer
(Stafford, TX )

One Morning my pet snake, Skipper, woke me up and I was late for my school meeting. I ran downstairs and saw my little brother in a bear suit, then my mother shouted "make sure Joey gets dressed" Joey is my little brother.

I finally got out of the house. On the way out I dropped in my brothers sand box because I was running. So I zoomed back inside to change and zoomed back out. I saw my dog, Stripes. He was hungry, so I got the dog bucket from the side of the house and fed him.

So i went out the front gate and a giant bird came by me and picked me up off my feet. I tried to get on his back, but I fell. I fell in a bush and blacked out. When I woke up, I had been tied to a tree and was calling for help. Then a boy came and untied me. I tried to find my way back to the school and got lost. a troll found me and made me some soup and took me to school.

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