Am I Pretty

by meow

Once there was a girl named Annie. She loved the way she looked and always asked her mom if she was pretty. All day long she said, "MOM! Am I pretty?" She was the prettiest and the cutest girl you could ever wish for!

Her mom loved her so much but the mom didn't want her beautiful daughter to ask her so many of the same questions over and over again!

Later, Annie's father had forgotten his lunch so Annie and her mom went to give the father his lunch. Annie asked the question over and over again to the mother. The mom was so frustrated that she couldn't control her body and pushed the little girl out of the car. The mother was shocked by what she had done and kept this a secret from her husband and said Annie ran away.

After a year or so, they had another girl. She was also very pretty! She also asked if she was pretty like Annie. She didn't ask as much but she was still kind of like Annie.

The mother loved her daughter and they decided to go to the market to get some food. While they were on their way, the daughter asked again, "Mom, am I pretty?" The mom replied, "yes... you are the prettiest girl in the world!" Then the girl replied... "Then why did you push me out of the car?" The mother screamed...

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