by Melony Tworth

My best friend and I have been planning this sleepover for weeks! We would have it at my best friend, Kayley's house, but the best thing about the sleepover is, no parents, and no parents means no limits! We plan to stay up all night and tell scary stories.

I got there around 6:00 p.m. It was a cool, windy October evening. We set out our sleeping bags and grabbed some chips. "What first?" I asked. "hmmm let me think it's too early for scary stories. Let's watch a movie!" Kayley suggested. "Ok! Let's not watch a scary one, we want to save up our energy for later!" We both laughed. We snuck under our sleeping bags, grabbed the chips and watched a movie.

The movie finished around 8:00. "Ok, now I think it's just about time for scary stories! I'll go first! One scary..." Thump thump. "Oh frisky, I'm sorry I totally forgot to let you back inside. Woof woof." Frisky came running in the room." I thought you were outside? Then what was that"? I asked. Probably just the wind." Kayley answered. Crash! "Ok..this is freaking me out. It sounded like it came from upstairs. We need to go check it out". Kayley said. "Ok let's go!"

We creeped up the stairs being as quiet as possible. We opened Kayley's door to her room first. We searched the room, nothing seemed unusual. The next thing I did was notice that Kayley was gone and when I heard a faint scream I quickly ran out out of the room to what was going on. Nobody was there. I rushed downstairs and there was Kayley lying on the ground with blood dripping from her mouth. I dared not scream. I tiptoed to the phone to call the police. I picked up and there was no dial tone just static. I grabbed Kayley's cell phone on her sleeping bag. And just like the other phone just static.

I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was upside down and it read hEll (11:34). I went to the door. I tried to open it but it was locked! The lock was right in front of me but it wouldn't turn. I looked at the ground and I noticed a dark shadow standing right behind me with something sharp in it's hand, but when I turned all the way around the shadow was still there but nobody was there. I couldn't hold it in, I just had to scream! I ran over to Kayley. She was still breathing. The shadow appeared again. I noticed that it had a knife in it's hand. It was coming towards me.

The next thing I knew it was all black. I heard faint words calling to me. "Honey, honey it's ok you're all right". I opened my eyes. I saw my mother and I was in a hospital bed. "What happened?" I asked softly. "Someone hurt you while we were gone." My mom said. "How's Kayley? Is she ok? Kayley has to have some surgery. But other than that she is ok." Mother answered. "It was a nightmare". I closed my eyes and dosed off.

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