All by myself

by Jeremy, age 14
(Creston, Nebraska)

Dust storm at farmhouse

Dust storm at farmhouse

From my bedroom window I can see far out over the farm and up to the twin hills we call The Sisters. The hills sort of overlap, like one sort of in front of the other, so there is a valley in between them.

My mom, dad, little brother and me live far out of town with our two dogs, Rusty and Ben, and of course, dad's a farmer. It's pretty quiet out here most of the time, and sometimes I am home all by myself. I'm big enough to be alone, and the dogs keep me company, but it gets a little spooky sometimes.

One night just after sundown, my parents weren't back from getting supplies, I saw a light between the Two Sisters. It went up and down and peaked in and out from behind the hills. I watched it for about an hour. It didn't, make me feel very good. I turned the light off so I could see out better. All I could think of were those TV shows dad watches about aliens.

Then the light went away for while, then suddently I saw it in front of one of the Sisters! That means its coming closer. Now it blinked, red then blue, then off again for a bit and on even brighter. it WAS coming closer. the dogs were whining.

No light now, almost 15 minutes. I felt myself shaking and wishing mom and dad would come home. The porch light went out. Then the dogs both stopped making any noise, at the same time.

Then, all of a sudden, a bright light at the front window. I heard the squeeky door knob turning. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. The door opened fast with a whoosh.

it was my family. Yahoo!

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