by Mikaylia Kortz

Once there was a girl named Alice she was 12 years old and went to school like every one else , she had a black ribbon tied around her neck , it was tight enough not to see her neck under it . Everyday she wold swing on an old swing in her back yard .

A boy from school lived next door to her house and every day after school he would watch her swing and he always asked her "why do you always wear that black ribbon around your neck and never tack it off"?

And she would never tell him , that would annoy him so much he wanted to know!

10 years later and they both got married to each other . they had no kids and had no pets at all .

50 years later when they are both 72 Alice has a heart attack and her husband calls 911 , while they were waiting for the police Alice said " i know you've wanted to know why i wear this ribbon for a long time , so you can take it off and see my secret ".

so he slowly takes the ribbon off and all of a sudden her head rolled off and landed on the floor!

Her husband ran away.

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