Air Vents

by Laura & Grace

There was once a little six year old girl called India Rose. She was a cute little girl, and took her puppy scruffy for a walk every afternoon. She was your typical six year old. Her mom and dad weren’t really concerned about India Rose taking scruffy for a walk by herself, as the neighbourhood was warm and cozy and everyone looked out for India Rose and her puppy scruffy.

One day India Rose was just skipping along happily, doing her normal six year old stuff, when she came across a strange man. Her parents told her not to talk to strangers, so India Rose just turned the corner away from the man. But the man followed her, and eventually caught up to her.

“Hello young child” the man said in a deep and gruff voice. “Ummmm…… hi” India Rose muttered and continued to walk scruffy. The man followed her not saying anything for a while, then broke the suspicious silence by saying goodbye to India Rose. The girl muttered her goodbyes, happy that the weirdo man was gone. Little did she know he hid in a bush and watched her walk home.

When India Rose got home, she told her parents. The parents were concerned and rung the police to tell them about the stranger. The police were surprised and told them to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour around their neighbourhood.

That night, India Rose was cleaning her teeth in the bathroom near her bedroom when she heard thumping noises in the roof. She told her parents, who told her there must be possums, as they lived in a rural area just north of Sydney in Australia. So the little girl went to bed.

In the middle of the night she woke up to strange loud noises coming from the air vent in her room. She got out of bed, rubbing her eyes, and saw a leg, no it couldn’t be a leg, yes it was a leg coming out of the air vent. The jeans on it were worn, and ripped. The person’s shoes were dirty and had a brown boot on. But there was more to come. After a few minutes and a lot of noise, whilst in this time India Rose stood glued to the spot in fear, another leg came and then a body.

The little girl recognised the man as the creepy guy who had approached her earlier that day. Only this time, he had an knife, dripping in blood. India Rose tried to run but her legs wouldn’t move. She tried to scream to her parents sleeping downstairs but her voice would not work. The only thing her parents heard was their little girl’s scream as the air vent murderer sunk his knife into the little girls heart.

So if you hear weird thumps in your air vent, you better run, because if not, he will come to your house in the middle of the night and do to you just what he did to poor little India Rose.

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