Abandoned Library

by Shayne Sager

When I was in Year 6, several older girls from my old school went to an abandoned old library. They sat in a circle on the floor silently, placed a candle in the center and began trying to reach spirits of the dead.

They let me join them and I felt a little scared. We had to close our eyes and we tried to avoid contacts from each other. As we held hands and murmured encouragement for the spirit to contact them, the candle turned unlighted. Some of the girls believed that the ghost was the one who blew the candle.

One of the girls began screaming loudly and acting weirdly, then some girls tried to stop her and grabbed her. Until then she was still screaming and she was kind of crying too. She kept on saying 'my back, my back, my back' so the other girls pulled her shirt up to see why she was in such agony and we discovered blood dripping upon her back.

We all thought it was the ghost who was made her bleed; we tried to have contact to the spirit. Then one of the girls said, the ghost contacted her, it was really the ghost who made her such in pain and it was our fault too. That we should not bother spirits and just leaves them alone.

We ran quickly outside; dragging the girl such in agony and a former librarian caught us. We told her everything and I thought she believed us. I still remember what she said, 'Never ever go to that library because an unsolved murder of a woman happened there'. We couldn't believe what she just said. I freaked out as she said it.

The former librarian told our parents about it and my mum banned me for seeing friends after school. The reason we went there was just to play around and scare each other. I didn't realize something would happen such a thing like that.

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