Abandon Road...

by Beth C

My friend and her parents went to Germany on holiday. This happened in about 2008.

They had hired a car and were driving back from a restaurant one night (it was about 10pm and was very dark.) When suddenly, they ran out of gas.

'You stay here, I'll go back to that gas station we passed about a mile back' Said her dad. So my friend and her mom did as they were told and remained in the car. An hour passed and he still was not back, they were starting to get worried but they continued to wait.

About 30 mins later they heard 'Bang, Bang, Bang' coming from the boot of the car. They just ignored it thinking they were imagining things. A short while later there was a bright light shining on the car, a police man approached the car and said 'everything is under control but what ever you do, do not turn around!' My friend and her mom were terrified at this point! They could not resist, they both turned around and saw, in the back window a German man holding their dad/husband's head and banging it against the glass.

The man was later found out to have been an escaped mental patient. My friend and her mom soon moved house after that. I haven't heard from since.

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