A Wise Lady

by Arushi Gupta
(Discovery Gardens, Dubai, U.a.e)

Once, there was a girl,Haribai. She was born to a very rich. she believed 'a house which has a young lady in it will always prosper.' Because of this her father got angry and said "this house has at least some money because of me." but Haribai said "mom was a wise lady and because of her the house has prospered."

This made her father more angery and said "you will marry a poor man. "Soon a woodcutter was passing by he called him and asked to mary his daughter. The woodcutter married Haribai and took her to his house. In the morning Haribai's husband went to the forests to get woods and she begged for food and money.

One day she asked her husband that can she also come with him to the the forest so that there will be enough wood with us that we can also open a small stock and we can sell the woods and get enough money. Her husband agreed. They had collected a lot of wood after all and opened a stall.

One day a brahim wanted some woods to lite a big bonefire. Soon he reached the shop of the woodcutter and buyed all the woods.Though the woodcutter made a huge profit. One day Haribai had another idea.She saw that her neighbour had a grinding-stone with which she ground the wheat into flour. She calculated that if they too purchased a small grinding-stone their further savings would increase.

Soon they were so rich that could buy a Manison.Haribai invited her father to the Manison they had buied.Her father was so happy and understood the meaning of "the house which has a wise lady in it will always prosper." They all lived happily ever after.

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