A Winters Day

by Catherine Sabbarton-Wright
(North London)

Winter is here

Winter is here

It was a Friday morning, friends Catherine and Bethan were both off school so decided to meet up. Firstly they went to the local school Kingsmead and threw snowballs at it. They both were having loads of fun, until two men in a lorry pulled up. Immediately both of the girls ran off, the guys shouted after them, but they pretended not to hear.

Bethan was good at making snowballs, however Catherine was not. So every minute Catherine would have a snowball thrown at her, and in an attempt to get Bethan back she would chase her down the road. The roads were slippery with ice, but this did not worry the two best mates. As they reached the end of the road they came to a big pile of snow, Bethan being Bethan decided to make another snowball and threw it at a house. It hit the window!!

The two of them panicked, however they did not expect what was coming next. An extremely angry women and her toddler emerged from the house. Bethan heard a scream "Come Back Here", it was the women. She shouted at Bethan and was very aggressive towards the troublesome pair. Closer and closer, the women was gaining ground, she eventually stopped when she was right up near Bethans face. Luckily the women didn't use any violence, just verbal abuse.

It could have been a whole lot worse though!! Now you, the reader should think before throwing snowballs at peoples houses.

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