A True Hero

by Taylor



Like each year I went camping with my family, during the summer and in the middle of nowhere.

The day after we got camp set up I decided to go on an afternoon stroll, calling for my large yellow lab, Casper. He was delighted to tag along and did anything he could for me, I was certainly his favorite.

Hours of walking I decided it had been far long enough and made the decision of heading back to camp where everyone in my party was staying. Like every dog Casper had to be in the lead, sometimes getting so far ahead of me I didn't see him for minutes on end.

After a few minutes of not seeing him I was getting anxious, not wanting him to get too far ahead. When I finally caught up to him I noticed he was standing still, limp looking tail, and he was puffing his cheeks in and out furiously.

I looked up to see what had caused him such a disturbance. The thing I saw terrified me, an adult Black Bear standing on it's hind legs. It circled it's head in the air letting off loud viscous growls. As much as I felt like running, my muscles were frozen stiff.

I saw my dog Casper start to move around and I thought he was going to take off running, abandoning me. To my surprise he fixed his stance to where he was now in front of me, protecting me. He barred his teeth and let out deep growls. I felt the chills ran down my spine from hearing such noises, Casper had never let out a single growl in his life and now he did. Any who...

The bear dropped down to all fours and now was making their way towards the two of us, still letting out aggressive roars. Casper snapped his teeth over and over and let out barks, slobber splat on the forest ground. He made up his mind it was either me being killed or him. He chose me over his own life.

Casper charged at the bear, barking and growling. I felt my heart stop for a few moments as I saw him leave my side, scared on his behalf. The bear swiped his paw across the air, barely missing my dog. The yellow lab crunched up his nose letting out viscous growls, again snapping his teeth close to the bears face.

The bear decided to retreat, quickly sprinting away. That wasn't the end of it though. My dog went chasing after that bear like no tomorrow nipping at it's legs. A cry escaped my lips when I couldn't see the two anymore and I heard a loud screaming from my dog. Like an idiot I went chasing the sound of the whimpers, I had to run up hill after hill, leading to the mountain side. I was beginning to accept the fact that he had given up his own life for mine.

My eyes gave out when I saw the familiar yellow figure turning the corner and sprinting towards me, happily panting with his pink tongue hanging out his mouth. I knelt down and wrapped my arms around his neck and he gave me sweet warm doggy kisses. "That's a good boy." My voice cracking as I said the few meaningful words to my Hero. A hero that will never be forgotten.

Only being twelve I was totally helpless compared to the bear, even a full grown man would have bad odds against such a horrific beast. Casper was my guardian angel sent down from the Heavens, it wasn't such a sad time when Casper left this world because I knew he was back in Heaven waiting to come to my rescue another day.

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