A Toddler and Technology

by Yuella

Time went by so slowly! I lay silently in my crib, until Mummy finally left my side. Moments later, I dared to lift one eyelid. No parent in sight. Perfect! Quickly, I untangled myself from all the duvets my mother had practically smothered onto me, and, taking advantage of the huge pile of cloth, clambered over the edge.

Freedom at last! I always felt like I was trapped inside the dreaded crib. Believe me, being behind those awful wooden bars all day is definitely not a kid's idea of fun. My stubby little legs took me down the corridor, and past Daddy's bedroom...CLINK! I stopped abruptly. Why did Dad have to leave 'whisky' bottles lying around all the time? The stuff inside those noisy things makes him mess up my nappy change every time, anyway.

Alas, I heard my father stirring in bed! I was about to rush back to safety, when my would-be apprehender snorted and fell back into his slumber. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least, what I thought was a sigh of relief, being a toddler and all.

It seemed like FOREVER before I reached the sofa. But where was the remote control? Oh no, another obstacle! I peeked under the sitting table and behind the TV stand. I also searched in all the drawers of the cupboard which held the DVD player, and even the nearby dustbin! No luck at all.

Just then, I spotted a dark, rectangular shape beneath my favourite armchair. At last! I extended my arm into the narrow strip of darkness, but I could not even brush my fingers against the remote's plastic surface! So I shifted my body a bit further in...


I was stuck.

There was only one thing to it.

I was going to cause a bit of teary trouble with both my parents and my neighbours tonight.


Mummy was still cradling me in her arms. "I'm wot a bawy anywore," I managed to say.

"Honey, don't try to take the thermometer out of your mouth."

But I wasn't even listening to her reply. My eyes followed Daddy, who came out of his bedroom, yawning loudly. He limped sleepily towards the TV, and pressed a button on the side of it. The Teletubies immediately flashed on...

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

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