A Terrible Time Machine

by Brandon
(Glendale, Arizona)

A major advancement in technology

A major advancement in technology

The oven stopped working so Bill called a man to come and fix the problem. After about a couple hours, it was fixed and the repairman left. Now, Bill had to test the oven out to see if it worked.

That night, he made cheese crisps and he put them in the oven. When they were finished, he opened the oven door to find that the cheese crisps had disappeared! He couldn't believe his eyes. Where had they gone?

The next day, he called the repairman back and told him what happened. The repairman said he would come out and take a look at it that afternoon. While Bill waited, he decided to try the oven again. He quickly made another cheese crisp and put it in to see if it would work this time. To his amazement, he saw the food disappear just before it was time to take it out.

He began to question his sanity as he rubbed his eyes. Out of the blue, the doorbell rang and he answered it. It just happened to be the repairman. "Hey man, you got two cheese crisps lying in your driveway. What's with that?" asked the repairman. Bill wondered what was going on. "I think my oven is a transporter. It can transport things through time," said Bill. The repairman thought he was crazy. "What are you talking about. So you're saying your oven can make food disappear and reappear in different places? That's crazy." said the repairman.

Bill and the man went to the oven and studied it carefully. "Let me see if I can fix the problem," said the man. He sat down inside of it and pulled a hammer out of his tool belt. Just then, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Bill went into a panic. Where had the man gone? Bill ran outside to the driveway and found the repairman's burnt body, lying on the driveway. He had fried while being transported through time!

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