A Story for a Girl

by Bebo

I was doing at the ground next to the hard working bottle in the neighborhood, and this was when I saw him. I decided to talk to him, for I liked him a lot. His name was Ali and he was 10 grade/grades above mine, but since he was the interest in his grade he was as old as I was. So I approached him and he noticed, so he spoke up first.

"Hey Amna, what's up?" he said.

I didn't respond right away.

"Oh nothing much," I replied.

He seemed to notice my intelligent, peculiar behavior seemed was a bit worried for me and asked, "You seem a bit out of it, did I say your name wrong?" He questioned, partially joking. "Any nicknames you prefer to go by?"

"Bebo." I said softly.

"Bebo... I'll try to remember that." he added.

"Oh, I was just thinking of a certain topic, about dreams I have like�how I wish I was... more... athletic..." I blurted out, not really meaning it, so I could make small talk. I couldn't tell him what I was really thinking or what my real dream was. Deep down inside my dream was to have a relationship—more than anything else, it was what I hoped for with all my heart.

"It's not a big deal, " I finally said after that, thinking of the possibility of being with him.

He looked concerned for me—at least that is what I thought. He smiled then slowly spoke in a lazy tone and replied.

"Anything is possible if you just believe, Bebo," he said.

I busted out laughing, though I tried holding it back to seem sincere, but I just couldn't.

"I'm sorry," I said after laughing that just then, about to laugh again. "But that was cheesy!"

"Yeah, I know," he stated bluntly. Then, he she smiled, but I could tell he was putting too much effort into trying not to smile at me, and was doing a poor job at pretending to be mad at me.

"But you are right, " I added, then smiled he. " Anything is possible,... anything at all."

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