A stay in Hospital

by Michael Wong (Dr120)
(Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia)

People always say hospital happens to be the most haunted place around and most probably due to the high number of deaths occurred in one place than any anywhere else. I did not know about all this until my 1st stayed at Pantai Hospital many years ago.

I was admitted to rest and have physiotherapy treatment for my cervical spondylosis.

I was put into it along with 5 other male patients in a six bedded ward and my bed was next to the window, a corner bed with a view how grand and peaceful I felt. I was the youngest there.

I really can’t remember them except for two; one particular patient, who been cared for by his young pretty daughter during the day. He had just undergone a heart bypass surgery and sometimes to see him coughing is really a slowly and painfully memory as he has to hug a pillow to his chest before he could cough out.

After lunch, some of us were wheeled out and I for physiotherapy and a tour round the hospital place. I felt as knighted as my name was presented everywhere in the hospital and the ringing in my ears; Mr. Wong here Mr. Wong there almost all the time.

Dinner was just great as lunch. Nurses too as great as the “daughter”. It was all just too good to begin with the first stay I thought as we were involved in sleep paralysis another words, we were all drugged for the night.

I was sedated and sleeping peacefully until suddenly awakened by the loud sound of glass breaking. My drinking glass has shattered and all I could remember the time is 3 then back to sleep again.

Morning call is usually around 7 and breakfast was to be served. I told the nurse that last night I heard my glass broke and she told me that I got a visitor.

I did not understand her and trying very hard to know who is the ‘visitor’. Then I notice and ask her where the patient opposite me is. She said “check out” Jolly good for him to be discharge I said, but she corrected me saying he had passed away sometime last night.

I suddenly realised that I’m in hospital and fear creeps in further. I need to know and I need ask, the bed I’m sleeping has anyone before and she says every single bed in the hospital has a patient died before.

I don’t know how many six pieces from the broken glass would be any connection satans number 666 but I do know the action on the shattered glass was the way of letting me know that it was there.
Somehow I felt I was protected and angels were there with me then and lead me back to sleep from the awakening of the broken glass

I ‘cheque’ out of Pantai Hospital for the first time

Sometimes I wonder if I had stayed awake what or who will I meet then...

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