A Sister's Love

by Kristina

Christie. It's her.

Christie. It's her.

On a day as cold and gusty as any day, Kristina was very scared. It was World War 2 and her older sister had just been killed. She looked outside her house and saw all the army women lined up, about to shoot some tanks. Kristina cried and ran to her room. She turned on the TV. She turned to Channel 66. "Christie Nightshower had been killed by an army woman on her 'team'. Bystanders believe it was an accident, but I don't know, that army woman really hated Christie." The news reporter reported.

Kristina sighed. "It's ok, Kat. Christie is here to comfort you." A peaceful voice lightly said. The TV showed a flash of Christie's dead body. The peaceful, light voice uttered a sad sigh as the pictures of Christie's dead body whirred by so quickly, so suddenly. Kristina heard a strong female voice. "I... I'm sorry Christie. It was a true-blue accident. Crystal-clear?" The strong voice apologized. "No. Grella, it's not crystal-clear. You purposely murdered me, and you know it." The light voice sobbed.

It occured to Kristina that the light voice was Christie. Kristina heard low, sorrowful whispers. A scream and heavy breathing. Low moans. Then silence. Kristina sighed gratefully and walked downstairs. There was Christie's body, lying lifelessly in a pool of dark, watery blood.

(Oh, I know I never mentioned this but, these are Christie's dead brothers, and Christie screaming at the dining table)

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