A Sibling's Will

by Taylor

Has anyone's life ever depended on you? Well once someone's life was put in my hands, I was only eight at the time this event was happening. Another thing had gone bad while camping...

My family were all swimming at a water hole and my older brother and his friend decided to swim down the rivers' rapids, that wasn't unusual but the only bad thing was the river was very over flown this year and the water's current was super strong. As the two raced down the fast water current they were starting to exit the rapids when my brother was suddenly whipped around being forcefully put back into major currents. His friend got out just fine but somehow my elder brother was stuck in the middle of the river. Everyone I was with sat back and watched him being washed away by the river, thankfully he grabbed onto a boulder that was under water. He had to hang onto that boulder with all his strength or risk drowning. He clung tightly on the massive boulder with his life, literally.

I hurried down the river were I could spot him struggling. I screamed for someone to help him, but nobody went to his rescue. I started taking off my shoes and socks, without having to think I rushed into the water, slowly being dragged away by the strong current just like my big brother. It's said when your life depends on something you develop super human strength, not like any superhero but your instinct to survive. Well I could feel that power run throughout my small fragile body. It happened because I loved my brother with all my heart and would give anything up to save his life, even if that meant giving up my own. When I finally reached him my muscles were giving out from the amount of strength I had to use, my skin was turning purple from the ice cold water.

My big brother reached out his hand in need of help, I extended one arm and quickly slapped my hand into his and instantly clung to his shaking hand.Pulling him out of the rapids and towards myself, the two of us locked arms, finding it very difficult to even move, our bodies had truly met their limit. I was almost ready to give up when my brother looked over at me saying, "Now it's my turn to take care of you, sis." He held tightly to me making sure I didn't just fall flat into the water, both of us made it safely out of the water. My brother thanked me for saving him, I was their when no one else was willing to be, he's alive and very well to this day. He might not look at me and think of me as his savoir but that's ok with me, I love him no matter what.

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