A Really Scary Story

by Bob

It was almost midnight when I saw the first signs of paranormal activity in my house. I was sitting in my gramma?s rocking chair, glued to this book, Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg? It had a lot of gross stuff in it, but then again, gross stuff was my specialty.

I remember when I mixed water, milk and soda together and drank it. It was disgusting. But whatever. At least it got me two days out of school. I was right in the middle of reading chapter nineteen when I saw a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye. Annoyed, I looked around for the culprit, but then I had an idea. The person who?s bed is empty must be the culrpit.

I quietly sneaked into my 5 year old sister?s room. Cassie?s room was pink, and she slept on top of a bunk bed. I had always wondered why my parents had bought her a bunk bed. She was the only person who slept in it, anyways. Mom said it was for sleepovers, which didn?t make sense to me. Cassie hasn?t had someone come over for more than two hours. I look around her room. She was still sleeping in her bed. I quietly close the door, and then I head up to Mom and Dad?s room. I open the door and find Mom wide awake. She looked scared.

?Bob,? She said breathlessly. ?Did it scare you too?? ?Did what?? I said. I suddenly had a horrible feeling in my stomach. ?I don?t know. I woke up to a crashing sound and then 6 of my anti-depressants were on the floor. ?It might be just part of your anxiety.? ?It can?t be.? my mom protested. ?Maybe I should just settle down, and you can go back to bed.? ?Okay,? I said quietly, closing the door.

I walk back downstairs. And then I see my book, thrown on the floor about ten feet away from where it originally was. I pick it up and I see it is on page sixty six. I sat on the rocking chair but it just feels so scary, so I go up into my room and settle for the night.

The next day wasn?t any better. School was closed due to lightning, so I got one more day to finish my book report. I stayed up real late, so I woke up at 11:00. I went upstairs to ask Mom why I wasn?t at school. I opened the door, and she wasn?t there. A little worried, I checked downstairs and Mom was at the very bottom with huge dark circles under her eyes. ?I couldn?t sleep,? she said. ?So I went downstairs on the couch because I thought it would be more comfortable.? She took a deep breath. ?I managed to get a couple hours of sleep, but when I woke up, the whole living room was wrecked.

I cleaned up a little bit, but I guess I nodded off, and everything was back exactly the way I found it when I first woke up.? She took me to the living room. She was right. What once was a living room with flowery wallpaper, plasma screen TV, was now a scratched wallpaper, overturned TV, and had a strange smell of feces. But that wasn?t the only wreckage. The love seat next to the living room couch was missing its pillows, not to mention scratched and overturned The door to the living room was torn off, everything was a mess. I thought about hiring a cleaner, but it would probably take at least three hours, so I decided to do it ourselves.

?Hey Mom,? I said to my mother, ?Go wake Dad up. He would like to help us. I?ll start cleaning up.? She complied. Both of us were wondering the same thing. Who, or what, trashed the house? And we both had the same answer: I don? t know.

It gets worse. School was canceled AGAIN due to lightning. I had been looking forward to school so I can talk about the storm and what?s happening in my house. They usually have an answer to this stuff. I can?t call them since the power lines got downed last night, and almost landed on US.

Cassie is scared witless, and neither me nor Mom or even Dad can calm her down. I don?t blame her. I actually hid in my room myself this evening, And I hadn?t talked to Mom or Dad the whole day. I hid under my blankets and cried. Around The two hour mark, I was out of bed, drawing on this canvas my Dad got me two years ago. I guess I was really fond of drawing back then, but now I?m more interested in video games. But ever since the living room episode, I can?t play Super Mario or anything.

A couple minutes later, I was a bit hungry, So I decided to go downstairs and eat up a tomato. I realize Mom might have not have gone to the store, so I went upstairs and and asked Mom if she had gone there. I opened the door --- She wasn?t there. I checked the bathroom --- she might be taking her anti-depressants. She wasn?t there. But what was there was 6 antibiotics on the floor.

Worried now, I checked Cassie?s room to see if she was there. Her bunk bed was vacant. I checked her room. Was not there. I checked the living room. Not there. Kitchen. Not there either. Back yard. Not there. Front yard. Neighbor?s house. ?Sorry, your mom isn?t here, maybe she went to the store or something.? Other neighbor?s house. Not home.

I walked back to the house. I look into the living room and see that it?s trashed again. I guess I?ll have to do this again, I thought. At least I had family to help me clean up last time. I started to do just that. Turn the T.V. right-side up, Put tape on the wallpaper, put the Mona Lisa painting back on its shelf --- Wait a minute.

Our family owns nothing by Davinci. I look at the painting --- And then --- Mona Lisa?s faint smile becomes a frown, right before my eyes. And then I feel something cold and hard grab my neck and everything goes black.

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