A object in the sky

by Jennifer
(North Carolina)



I quickly ran outside to see the birds. They were gorgeous. That is when i relized something in the sky. I thought it was a plane but, it was to small. I quickly called my mom outside to see if she had any idea what it was.

She rushed outside and said "It's just a plane", i new she was wrong. I dashed for the door and grabbed my computer. I looked up a bunch of pictures to see if i could find a picture of the strange thing outside my house.

That's when i saw in big bold letters "UFO". I thought " Ive never heard of that before". I looked at the picture and it was what i had seen. I looked up the definition and it said "Un-Identified flying object".

I got kind of scared but, I was thinking "hey, it's just a un-identified object whats the worst that could happen?". That's when i looked at the bottom of the screen and it said "Aliens". Right then i almost cried.

So, I went to my room and tried to calm down. Then thats when i heard a knocking on my closet door. I softly walked over to the door and quickly opened it, everything went black.

I heard a voice say "500 years later". Then my eyes opened, nothing was there but, the smell of dead bodies. And out of the corner of my eye,

i saw the "UFO".

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