A night in Dennis lake woods

by Jose
(Atlantic City )

A Kodiak brown bear

A Kodiak brown bear

John Gabe and his dad were packing his bags to go camping in Dennis lake woods. "So how long are we going to be there, Dad" said John while fixing his hair. "Just for two weeks". "Is Mom OK with this? She said it was wrong because I have to go back to school. And you know how she gets if I miss even one hour of school". They got in the car and were off to Dennis lake woods.

By the time they got there it was dark. And John decided to go for a walk. His Dad said "John, don't go too far, you may never know what will happen in these woods". "Don't worry Dad, I won't go too far, I promise to be back before dark".

After about five minutes John realized he was lost. He looked around only to see trees and bushes. Something was moving, and then a bear came and another and more.

He ran until he came back to the campsite and saw his dad had left. The bears had come and ripped him apart flesh by flesh.

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