A New Pet

by Julia

This is a centipede

This is a centipede

One day a boy decided he wanted a pet. So, he went to the pet store and asked a person who worked there if he could have a unique pet that no-one else would have.

The worker went to the back, got a box, and replied, "This is a centipede, an insect with 100 legs, but this centipede can talk!" "I'll take him!" The boy replied.

The weekend came and he got out his new centipede and asked him, "Hey! Do you want to come to church with me on Sunday?" There was no answer. Sunday came and he asked the centipede again, "Hey! Do you want to come to church with me?" There was still no answer. The boy poked his head into the box and said really loud, "Hey! Hey you! I'm talking to you! Do you want to come to church with me?!?!"

The centipede poked it's head out the box and said, "I heard you the first time! I'm just puttin' on my shoes!"

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