A New Beginning

by Georgia M.

After Mum died, Dad said that me, Shaun, Mike, and the baby twins Frank & Jake would all make a new start. So we did just that.

Firstly, after Mum's funeral and a break from work & school, we moved into a small cottage by the lake. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as an open space to play in.
When we had moved in with our furniture, I started at a new school. On my first day I wore a hoodie and jeans and sneakers, so as not to look geeky or uncool. I'd always got bullied at school before because of when on Mufty days and my first day I wore ugly dark-green dresses, with a horrible knitted jumper on top. I was sure to wear casual clothes now.

All of us got new clothes and beds, and then we went on holiday two months later. Dad would do the cooking and cleaning now, whilst Shaun and Mike would do the daily shopping for lunch, dinner and next-day breakfast (Shaun was 17 and Mike was 15, and they were fairly sensible and clever).

I made some friends real quick - Fay, Lewis, and Max - and they came to play once a week. I played with boys because in that class your gender didn't seem to matter, plus Lewis & Max were great buds. I could probably get away with kissing a boy and no one would go eww or pretend to throw up (unlike last year when Lucy kissed Dan); they would just smile and say it was sweet and the boys wouldn't react at all.

It was all going very well... until Dad got a call. He answered it casually, not knowing who it was, but we could tell by his look he was amazed and shocked. The colour drained out of his face, he said "Thank You and Goodbye", hung up, then told us; "MUM IS NOT DEAD!" I went mad, the twins started to gurgle, Shaun and Mike high fived and done a silly dance with dad, and everybody was glad.

We eventually calmed down and dad explained.
"The funeral was actually her cousin Josie's - but, as everyone knows, they have the same name, so in prayers it sounded like they were talking about Mum..."

"I forgot all about Auntie Josie's funeral!" I interrupted. The boys agreed. "yep, so did I," said Dad. "It took a long time to get organized. I did have strange thoughts when they played an unusual opera song... Mum's favorite song had always been Beethoven's Sunset Flowers song."

That night, I got a good night's sleep, and when I awoke we were leaving to go to Spain in ten minutes! I got dressed in 30 seconds, then grabbed two cereal bars and dashed into the car with my suitcase I'd packed last night. I'd forgotten my wash bag, but it was too late now.

I couldn't wait to see Mum!

From Phil G.
I don't get it, but I published it anyway. How could you have made that kind of mistake... about your mother's death?
Georgia, please re-read and explain the fix in a Comments message so I can edit further.

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