A nasty bug

by Ciara

I had come in peacefully from school and I watched a bit of kids TV and I got a knock at the door. I didn't know who it could have possibly been at that time of night. I opened the door, I saw a 6 ft cockroach standing at my doorstep. I screamed as I was a little startled, turned around to turn the TV off and as soon as I turned round again I got smacked on the face by the unexpected, strange and mean visitor.

The next day I went on my laptop and I got a knock at the door again, I didn't think it could have been the nasty cockroach after the assault he committed on me the day before. So I answered the door and I caught a glimpse of his shoes before I got pushed to the floor.

I came back from school on Friday the day after and sat there terrified for the evil cockroach and I was about to ring my mum when I got a knock at the door. A voice called as I wasn't opening up and it said "FREE PIZZA, COME AND GET IT, YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!" I was tempted as I hadn't eaten for hours and jumped up to answer it.

This time the cockroach asked to come in and have a drink to say his apologies so I stood aside and let him come in. He grabbed a packet of crisps and coke and ran upstairs. I secretly spied on him because I didn't trust him and saw him hiding my special, precious bracelet and necklace in his jacket. I was about to ring the police however the cockroach heard the beeps of the phone and caught me spying on him. He kicked me, resulting in me falling down the stairs, knocking me unconscious.

When I woke up all my precious things were stolen and I no longer had money. I went to the doctors and reported the crime to them and the police and asked the doctor if anyone else had been assaulted by this cockroach. The doctor replied "Yes, we've had a lot of visitors recently. Even I had a few injuries from this unexpected creature. It's just a nasty bug!"

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