A House

by Emma

An old Brownstone

An old Brownstone

Around ten years before my friend's parents had bought my house there were two sisters who had lived there before they did. Their mother died while giving birth to them and no one knew they lived there.

They lived in this house together all their lives and didn't know any one. They turned crazy and used to lock each other in rooms.

One day, one of the sisters had locked her sister in the bathroom and went down stairs. The sister locked in the bathroom started banging on the door calling let me out!...let me out!!...after and hour she tried scratching the door to get out. An other hour passed and her sister still didn't let her leave. So she started running a bath. The other sister suddenly heard a bang in the bathroom. She was making a cup of tea and burned herself. She went upstairs to see what was going on.

She unlocked the door and told her sister she can come out now but there was no reply. When she opened the bathroom door she saw her sister's faced down in a bath full of blood. The strange thing is. My friend has a birth mark exactly where one of the sisters got burned and her sister is afraid of water.

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