A funny tailor

by Zeeshan -Niazi
(Kott Addu,Punjab, Pakistan)

Once in a village there lived a tailor a sunny day opps the talior ran into the shop he owened he was too hungry nothing was to eat just a jar of jam and a piece of bread he quickly took a littel jam and bread the bees got smell and came in through window , were desturbing him hetook out his shoes and start killing them he luck by chance killed seven bees . he thought he is a brave

men after few mintes he thought he would be a prience (this stupied talior did,nt thought then why he is a talior)now he decided he was a king he wrote on his belt 1 hit seven killed he went on journey finding his kingdom in way he met againt and said i am prience u did,nt read what is written on my super beit the gaint said i dont no how u killed u r not more powerfull then me he said i f i am not powerfull then competition should be the gaint said i accept gaint crushed a rock he said i,ll crush a small stone bcz im small men gaint accepted he thought gain would not accept this he quickly ran from there then he went in a cortyard of king there was anouncement of that who will break the steel door by his energy he said i can suddunly some one pushed him he breaked the door by pushing then the king said u will kill a lion the king said choose sword of ur choice he choose thin sword which was too thin that when he should kill lion the sword should break and ill make issue but he dose,nt no the thin swords r good the king thought he is a smart men . now he was left in jungle alone on a tree when the lion came he was sitting on tree the line roared on him oppening mouth under that tree he was shvering from afraid suddunly sword fell from his hand and straight went into the mouth of lion in this way lion was killed luck by chance and king thought is brave men the king decided to marry her daughter with a tailor he does not no that men was talior he married her dauther that talior at night when the talior went in the room of princes his wife when he tried to touch priences she said u can not touch me its a rule u can touch after 3 days he said ok but it was not any rule he was a tailor he didnt no so at morning princes told to his father or king all that happened it was proofed he was not any prience he was just a tailor when tyhey asked him what seven things he killed he answered all bees then every one start laughing on him then he realised he was just a talior not any prience king said he would be given a punishment they wrote on his belt afunny stupied tailor and said he will never take out this belt now where ever he passed the people said him funny stupied tailor.


I did not edit any of this story, as it would be too much work, but I believe the author was trying to do a good job. What do you think? PhilG

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