A football player

by Fahim Rahman Rafi
(Khulna, Bangladesh)

A player called Amar lived in Khulna,Bangladesh. He was a football player. He played in Mohamedan Club.

One day he was practising with his teammates. He cut the ball from Mazid, the opponent player and gave a long kick to the goal post. Everybody shouted. It was a goal.

Then one opponent player was running the football and kicked. Then Amar jumped and tried to give a flying kick, but he couldn't. He fell down and became unconsious. Everybody took him to the hospital. The specialist said that he had broken his back and that he would never can walk again. After one month Amar was sent to his home with a wheelchair.

He was an orphan. He had only a sister called Dula to look after him. Until now Dula is unmarried. She is spending her whole life for the wellfare of Amar. Amar was sent to India but he returned for the want of money to treat him. Now he is totally paralised. Now he would never play again.

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