A Father's Love

by Daniel

"Crissy, I'm going with Tommy, don't forget to hand the candy to the children. Oh, and Chrissy, be nice."

"Ok, Mom!" yelled Christina. " I got it. Take the dork trick or treating Mom, I got this."

Christina was alone, finally her mom thought she was responsible. Ever since her dad died in a car accident last July, Christina's mom has been nervous about everything.

"Daddy, I wish you were here so you and I could hand candy to the little freaks together." sighed Chrissy.

She and her father were really close, they knew everything about each other. They were so, so close. She remembers that the night that he died, how she wanted to go with him. She had to get psychoanalyzed because she had broken all the windows in her large, 2 story house. She still, wishes she could be with him.

The night went on, and children came and went. Finally, no more children were near. Chrissy sat down to enjoy the last bit of candy, when she heard a knock on the door. She went and opened it, thinking it might be her mom or another little kid. She opened to nothing more than a breeze.

"Stupid kids" she thought as she turned around she heard a frightening voice saying, "Hi chrissy, I miss you."

Chrissy turned around to see the rotted ghost of a person. As she was about to scream, the ghost took her and put his hand over her mouth.

"Hush now baby. Daddy's here. Daddy will take care of everything."

Chrissy had a harsh realization. This was her father. As Chrissy started to feel comfortable in her father's arms once again, she heard him say, "Now I'm here to take you with me like you wanted. I will take you with me."

Chrissy began to struggle, but to no avail. She was discovered by her mother, headless. The head was in her brother's room, mouth wide open in horror. On the carpet, was a blood spatter writing, TOMMY, I WILL COME TO GET YOU TOO. DON'T BE AFRAID, I'LL STOP YOUR MISERY.


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