A Drop of Johnny's Blood

by Kendra
(Sebastopol, California, USA)

There was a boy named Johnny and a girl named Sally. They have been going out for 1 year and it was their monthly anniversary. To celebrate, they were going to have a romantic dinner together, alone, on a wide open meadow. Johnny picked up sally at her house. They kissed and hopped into Johnny's new, four wheel drive, and then headed toward the meadow.

"Johnny, maybe this isn't a good idea. It's dark out and you can barely see the road because of the fog, and well... it's kind of scary." Sally said.

"Ahhhhh lighten up. The dark makes this date even more romantic and plus, there is nothing to be worried about, we will lay out a blanket, light a few candles, have dinner, watch the stars. Doesn't that sound fun? Trust me on this, I got it all planned out." Johnny exclaimed.

"Johnny, I never told you this, but the reason why I didn't want to go to the meadow is because my grandmother died on this day and ... the thing is... I believe in ghosts... I wish I didn't but I do. People say that if you believe in ghosts, then you will see them, feel them, hear them and I know this is true from my experience. And the thing is, my grandmother was found dead in the middle of a field and my grandmother didn't like me. I feel that if I go to this meadow, my grandmother will haunt me, scare me, and totally ruin this magnificent date."

"Wow, you should have told me this before. I don't know what to say except for... YEAH RIGHT! ha ha ha ha, I love your little jokes Sally. Just because I get kinda scared easily and it is getting close to Halloween, doesn't mean you can trick me with such a bad story like that. Come on I am not THAT gullible"

"It's not a joke! I knew you would be immature about it! I can't believe you Johnny, I just can't believe you."

Right then something hit the windshield and the car swerved.

"What was that?" Johnny said and he hopped out of the car. "stay here, I will be right outside the car" Johnny said kind of pissed off.

At this point Sally was getting really scared. She felt a rush of cold and she kept on thinking scary thoughts. She kept on seeing those faces like she does when she tries to get asleep. So sally turned on the radio to distract her scary thoughts. All of the channels were scratchy and you couldn't here any of the music. Then, suddenly, a voice cleared up on the radio. This voice was very familiar to Sally. It cleared up more and more until Sally could here the voice perfectly and it seemed as if it was talking to Sally.

"I am coming for you. You were right all along, you can see me, you can hear me, but you do not realize that I am standing outside your window. And where is your boyfriend exactly?" the radio said.

Sally didn't think of it at first but when she looked up, an ugly face was pressed up against the car window.

"AAAHHH" sally screamed hoping Johnny would hear her and come save the day but then Sally remembered what the radio said.

"Where is your boyfriend exactly" Sally repeated.

"Oh no" she said, and she hopped out of the car not thinking that her dead grandmother was out there.

She ran around in circles freaking out.

"Johnny?" she yelled.

Sally walked through the fog not knowing where she was going. She felt a drop touch her cheek.
"Great" she thought "this is a perfect time for it to rain."

She looked up and saw Johnny hangy from the tree above her. She felt her cheek. It was no drop of rain, but a drop of Johnny's blood.

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