A doll named Mary

by Megan Price
(South Korea, Daegu)

There was a little girl named Rachel and she had a big brother, a dad, and a mom and it was her birthday, so her mom went shopping and found a doll shop. She looked around and then she saw a pretty doll named Mary.

The mom pick up the doll and asked how much it was. The store owner said "no, this doll is dangerous and it is haunted", but the mom said "those are just stories, there not real." The store owner said "okay, you can take the doll for free, but don't blame me if something happens. You have to remember, that when your daughter is done playing with that doll, she has to put it back in the box and put it in a special place.

When she came back she gave her daughter her doll. At night, when Rachel was done playing with the doll, she just left it in her desk and went to sleep. At 12:00 P.M the doll came alive and said "Rachel, Rachel, I'm climbing down your desk, Rachel, Rachel, I'm walking on your floor. Rachel, Rachel, I'm climbing up your bed. Rachel, Rachel, now your DEAD!

The next morning the mom walked into Rachel's room and saw her dead. And she started to cry.

That night the mom got Mary, the doll, and put it in her makeup desk. The dad was sleeping with the son that night. At 12:00 P.M Mary said "Rachel's mom, Rachel's mom, I'm climbing down your desk. Rachel's mom, Rachel's mom, I'm walking on your floor. Rachel's mom, Rachel's mom, I'm climbing up your bed. Rachel's mom, Rachel's mom, now your DEAD!

The next morning the son and the dad were thinking about what killed the mom and Rachel. When they were in the master bed room they saw Mary on the floor. That night the dad slept with the son... the doll was on the floor sitting. Mary Started saying the same thing that she said to the mom and Rachel. As soon as the doll got close to them, the dad and the son got a big bag out and put it over the doll, and they tied the bag and shoved it in the closet.

They called the cops and told them that the doll is in the bag and to come get it. When the cops came to look in the bag the doll was gone. They started looking everywhere and they all turned around and saw the doll named Mary saying "Your all DEAD" and attacked them with a knife, killing everybody and herself.

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