A dog's lick

by Rosie

A Jack Russell makes a fierce guard dog

A Jack Russell makes a fierce guard dog

A nineteen girl named Melissa had lived for only about a month now in her new house all alone. At night she would hear bangs and things falling but always assumed it was her crazy dog. She had heard from neighbors and the previous owner of the house that it was haunted, but she didn't believe in ghosts or dead people so she moved in feeling good about her decision.

Although she thought that ghosts were pretend, she trained her dog to warn her of an intruder anyway just to be safe. If her dog licked her hand once then it meant that everything was alright and that Melissa shouldn't worry. Two licks meant that everything was ok, but just watch out. Then three licks meant that something was kind of wrong but don't panic too much, four licks meant that Melissa should get up and see what's wrong before it becomes very severe, and five licks meant that something in the house was terribly wrong, that there was no way out of the house and that she was going to die.

So one night at about midnight Melissa lay in bed, tired after her long day and felt two licks on her hand but thought everything was ok. Then she felt three, and then four licks on her hand. She yelled at her dog and tried to go back to sleep. Then she felt four more licks and then five and she decided that she better check out what was wrong.

She went into her bathroom where she had been hearing noise all night long and saw her dog hanging over her bath dead with blood all over the walls.

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