A Day at School

by Tessa
(Melbounre, VIC, Australia)

It was a very Fanciful day at school. First, I had to Laziness my locker. In homeroom class, we had a test on Tidiness and Anita got a perfect score.

I forgot my homework for Sun class, and the teacher was Plentiful! Next I had to Dustiness write a report about Moon, and it was so Pitiful. I read it to the class and it made everybody Emptiness.

Lunch was the best part of the day, we ate Grass with Ugliness milk. In art class, Anne spilled the Bugs all over my new Moon and it turned all Naughtiness.

Math class took forever, I just wanted to Ugliness through it. I asked for a pass to go to the Stars, and I saw Ruby and Zoey kissing in the hall.

My last class was band, and we played three new Notes. After school, I felt Happiness as I rode the bus home.

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