A Blue Screen (R.I.P)

One day there were two sisters, Laury and Sandy. They were home alone one Saturday night, talking on the computer to their friends.

All of a sudden the television screen turns on by its self with no one touching it. It shows a blue screen. On the screen they both read "I'm coming to get you". Laury and Sandy are both very scared. They hear the down stairs door open and think its their father. They ran downstairs, "Daddy Daddy"! Help the television...".

No one was there it was just an open door. They grab the phone and run to the washroom, they lock the door. "Call dad now!" says Laury! "I'm on it right now". There was no answer, they tried again but still no answer. They decided afer 5 tries.

Sandy heard footsteps outside the washroom door and right away told Laury. They turned off the washroom light so it didn't look like anyone was there. They both heard the footsteps go into the girls room and slam the door shut!

Laury and Sandy hear their dad voice coming from downstairs in the kitchen. "Girls! Let's go out and get some pizza", he called. They ran downstairs and told their dad what happened. "It's just your imagination" he replied "don't let it scare you".

After they all came back from pizza, Laury and Sandy fell asleep watching Hannah Montana. Laury woke up in the middle of the night terrified!

"Wake up, Wake up!" she yelled at her sister trying to wake her, she finally woke up! "What do you want?" she demanded! I hear footsteps again. "Thats Crazy, its your imagination go to bed" Sandy said angrily!

The next morning Sandy woke up not seeing her siter Laury beside her. She thought she just woke up a bit ealier and was alredy getting dressed.

The television turned on again, this time it read "R.I.P. Laury". Sandy ran to the room and slammed open the door! "Laury! come see..." She paused there. Sandy started to tear.

Her sister was there dead on the floor! She ran to get her dad in tears, this time the television read, "Your next, Sandy"

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