A Bloody Night

by Bob
(Australia, NSW, Newcastle)

Once there was a loving husband and wife. They lived alone deep in the woods in their large house. The wife was a party animal who loved to go to parties while the husband was a workaholic and worked all day.

One day the husband went to work and kissed the wife goodbye. When he was gone the wife was lonely and didn't have much to do. Fortunately, the phone rang and a good friend of her's invited her to a party. The wife was so happy, she loved going to parties and quickly got dressed and went to the party.

She had lots of fun and didn't come home till almost midnight.

Exhausted from the party, the wife collapsed onto the bed next to her husband who had came home from work and was asleep. The wife quickly fell asleep.

About an hour later, she heard her mobile phone ring. She looked at her husband and was relieved he was still asleep. She picked up the phone wondering who would call such a late time.

"Hello?, she asked, and in reply heard a familiar voice: "Sorry honey, my car broke down, I'll be home late".

It was her husband calling.

Then she slowly pulled the blankets where the thing was sleeping....

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