7 Days

by Alysha
(Canada, Ontario)

That's the girl

That's the girl

So on Friday right after school, Andrea came to my house. We chose different scary movies including The Ring and Friday the 13th. We set up a tent out in my backyard and watched Friday the 13th first on my portable DVD player. Once the movie was finished we decided that we would prank call people, but instead we were the victims of very scary prank calls.

My mom was at work and my dad had fallen asleep along with my two little sisters. We unhooked the phone and watched The Ring.

In the middle of the movie my phone started ringing. "Hello?" I replied in a very soft tone.
"ss-eevenn dayyyss. hahaha" Replied the man on the other line.

At this point Andrea was crying. We went back to watching the movie thinking it was just another prank call. "umm, Andrea?" "Yeah?"

How could someone call if we unhooked the phone?
No reply. I turned to look at her but she was shaking.

The movie screen went black until we saw a girl walk from a well laughing and saying "7 days" repeatedly.

Seven days after that I woke up to a bang on my wall to see Andrea hanging on my wall with a huge nail sticking through her. Andrea said "It's your turn now".

After that I never saw her again and was put in a mental hospital. I still get phone calls saying Seven Days.

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