666 Came True

by Lily Meredith
(Stevenage Old Town)

I had just turned sixteen and was packing my suitcase and putting all my belongings in an old cardboard box I had found underneath my small bed. My mum said it was time for me to move out because she was selling our old house since my father passed away two weeks ago. Mums getting old so she saved her part of my fathers will to pay for a care home. So I got in my old beetle kissed mum goodbye and set off to flat number 666.

I walked in to what looked like it was an abandoned flat. There was a tall chair at a long glass desk. A dark figure was sitting on a chair with something in their hand. I panicked. I stood in the corridor frozen to the floor, my heart pounding. I stood for 20 seconds, worried, then tiptoed up the stairs to number 666, to my new room.

I put the key in the keyhole and turned the doorknob and walked in. I looked around and several candles were lit. Then I went down stairs to my car and picked up my belongings in a cardboard box and a suitcase and walked back upstairs. Suddenly the candles went out. I fell, fell to the floor and hit my head on the bedside cabinet. My belongings were all scattered on the floor. I re-lit the candles and then sat on the armchair rubbing my head frantically. Then I spotted a letter on the glass table. My head was spinning around and every thing was blurred. I heard a scratching sound and I slowly turned around. The windows were open, I closed them quickly. Then I picked up the letter from the table and it read,

Dear Miss P. Goldmine,

I am evicting you from this room because you have failed to pay your bill. This is your last chance to move or I’ll have to take further action and send some one round to GET YOU.

Yours truthfully

Mack Mills

It was the old lady that used to live here with her dog Toto, which unfortunately was attacked by something. The phone rang loudly. I jumped out of my skin. I answered it. There was no-one there. Then the doorbell went so I looked through the keyhole it was a man holding a pizza. I had the door on the chain. I didn’t order a pizza, so I closed the door. He put the pizza down and walked off. I went to watch the telly. I went back to the door. The pizza was still there so I picked it up and put it on the counter. I went back to the telly sat on the sofa with an ice pack on my head. I was getting hungry so I opened the pizza box and... something strange and bold, it was...

...a goblin... it jumped out. I ran to the bedroom and locked the door screaming with fright and hid under my bed. The door banged open. I sat there shivering trying to be quiet. The bed squished down my face against the musty carpet. Then a head popped down the side and dragged me by my hair. I felt a warm breath against my carpet burned face.

The little goblin had a sharp axe. I wet myself. I didn’t now what to do. The axe raised into the air and came down with a thump. I wrote this as a story and it became true!

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