3...2...1...I win

by Kendra and Heather
(Santa Rosa)

One night, after her parents had gone to bed, Kendra sat in bed writing in her diary. She was happily journaling about what a wonderful day she had at the water park and how many new friends she met, when all of a sudden she heard a noise. She looked over at her big window to see on the fogged glass the word "Help."

Being naturally curious, Kendra put down her pen and grabbed her jacket to head outside. She quietly walked down the stairs and slowly opened the back door. With a flashlight in her hand, and an umbrella in her other, she went over to the side of the house that her window was on. She shined the flashlight over the whole area of the forest and almost screamed when she saw a little pale girl drenched in rain and wearing just a nightgown.

"Can I come inside?" the little girl questioned. "I'm cold and I want someone to play with."
"But where are your parents?" Kendra asked. In response the little girl just smiled. Kendra shrugged and motioned for the little girl to come inside.

Once inside, Kendra got a warm long sleeve red dress for the little girl to put on. Once the little girl was dry, she looked at Kendra and smiled and said "Now can we play?"
Kendra nodded. "Okay," said the little girl. "You hide and I'll seek."

Even though she was young, Kendra thought she was a little too old for such kiddy games. 'I'll just hide to go along with her game,' she thought. So she went and hid the shower.

A long time passed before Kendra realised she had to go to the bathroom. And then another thought passed. Had she even heard the little girl counting? No, she hadn't.

Kind of nervous and a little scared, she creeped out of the shower and opened the bathroom door. On the wall in front of her were numbers slowly being written in blood. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...
At that moment the door slammed shut and she heard a little chuckle from behind her. She gasped and spun around. The little girl was standing there, a wide smile on her little face and blood on her hands.

"I found your parents. I found you. I'm pretty good at this game, don't you think Kendra?" She stepped forward, giggled, and quietly whispered, "I win."

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