by SDC

Money makes you do things

Money makes you do things

“What’s the code Billy” his brother demanded breathing deeply. Billy was calm, his black hair blended in with the darkness. “1908” he said.

It worked. They were in. “Now you need to be quiet, Billy”. “1908” he said. “Shut up, Billy”

They continued walking down the dark hallway. "1908” he said, but this time louder like he was trying to figure something out.

“Damn it, Billy shut the hell up”.

He pushed his weight against the wall “of all the things I do for you, do this for us” he grabbed his chin and made sure his eye met his own, “look at me Billy, don’t mess this up.” “Come on” Billy’s brother beckoned.

The two approached the cell where the money was. A guard closely guarded it.

Billy's brother brought his pointer finger towards his mouth telling Billy to keep quiet. Billy did not understand. “1908” he said.

“Hey, who’s there” the guard spoke shinning his flashlight. Billy's brother jumped out choking and punching the guard. Billy jumped scared by all the noise while his brother continued choking the man.

Billy's mouth went dry just like it did when he had his first seizure.

The guard's veins began to pop sending blood squirting on to Billy’s brother's shirt. As the man died his blood thinned and took a final gush spraying his brother in the face, some of which got into his mouth. That sent a bad mix of saliva and urine to the taste buds. The man lay dead still after spitting out some dark thick stuff through his mouth. The stuff flowed down his left cheek and dripped onto the cold floor creating a gruesome puddle of murder.

Billy's brother spat and said “let’s get out of here” like he was trying to forget what he had just done.

“Rob, I thought you said there would be no killing” Billy said blankly like he had been scared but did not know how to express it.

Rob turned to look at Billy; his face was still dotted with the residue of the guard's fluids. He then put on an expression that Billy did not understand and continued what he was doing.

Rob put the money in a sack and then threw it over his back. “25, 300” Billy said. “That’s right” Rob said with a grin.

They walked out of the cell and down the hall to a window. Rob broke it and told Billy to climb out on to the roof. The brothers scrambled down until they found themselves in an alleyway.

“We get across that street and were golden” Rob told his brother.

Billy didn’t quite understand his brother’s words, but intended to obey them.

Going first, Rob ran across the street smoothly, then Billy started repeating in his head "run across street, run across street", so he wouldn’t get distracted. But then, out of the corner of his eye he saw the number 1908 on an approaching bus, amazed by the reappearance, he turned to face the number and that was when the bus hit him.

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