I know... it's raining... you're bored. Write some short stories for me.

When you encourage your child to write short stories, you're solving a major family crisis ... "MOM!!! We have nothing to do!!!"

Your kids are stuck in the house and restless. Will it be the TV today? No... too easy. A board game, good luck... you'll be picking up the pieces in more ways than one.

Instead, divert that energy toward something fun, creative and uniquely engaging. Writing short stories.

I want to show you how kids can use the computer as something more than an expensive toy. My young readers have submitted hundreds of short stories and these days I can barely keep up with them.

I promote writing as a technique that can develop a child's skills, interests and good behaviour. The kids use this as a social network of sorts and exchange comments about their creativity and imagination.

While promoting positive activities, we can, hopefully, diffuse the many negative influences affecting our children everyday. Above all, ensure that you make some quality time for your child.

So, as you read on, also consider this a layperson's guide to parenting.

Perhaps you would rather Search the Site to find something of interest.

Whatever the case may be, there should be something here to amuse or intrigue you.

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Welcome to my family-friendly site complete with:

  • a safe play area for kids
  • challenging quizzes and brain teasers
  • help for aspiring authors
  • stories to read and hear
  • a parenting search engine
  • valuable references to parenting and educational sites
  • my personal observations and ramblings
  • and lots of common sense advice
Be sure to visit the SiteMap to discover all that my site has to offer.

When your child gets interested in their own short-stories, they take on a whole new set of challenges, like: Making a plan, interviewing and asking opinions, thinking of themes, organizing small tasks and much more. Writing demands many more skills than merely reading.

Wouldn't you love to see your young ones involved in something that can improve their thinking, learning and even social skills? Something they can truly be proud of?

Yes! Then explore Short-Stories-Help-Children.com with me and get to know your kids all over again.

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When assessing kids and their behaviour, good or bad, we often look too much at the children and not enough at the parents. These tips will give young parents ways to take a step back.
Probe learning styles and literacy types
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Writing tips for childrens short stories
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Elements of short stories
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Story writing promotes literacy in children
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Kids can improve learning skills through writing
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Parents want Education Alternatives
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The meaning behind some short stories
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Articles I write for parents
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Why care about a child's short story?
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Rainy Day Activities
Children may create short stories because they crave rainy day activities.
Keyboarding short stories can be great fun.
Learn the basics before keyboarding your short stories
My library directs you to children's short stories
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Funny Short Stories Rock!
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Scary Short Stories to curl your hair
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True short stories are rarely what they seem
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Submit your child's short stories
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